Come and see our huge range of small animals, birds & fish!

We stock everything you need for them too!

Buying Small Animals & Fish

Tucked away snuggly in the corner of our enormous pet store in Banbury, you will find some lovely furry, feathered, and fishy creatures ready to come home with you!

We provide all the special advice you need to care for your new pet, so don’t feel shy about asking our very knowledgeable staff about the special needs of any new pets you decide to keep before you purchase them, we are always happy to help!

When buying fish, in particular tropical fish, we do like to know what size tank you have, what current fish you have, and how long you have had your tank set up. This is so we can ensure as much as possible that when you buy fish from us they are going to an environment that will suit them, as we all know fish need perfect conditions to keep healthy.

If you have any problems with your fish tank, and you just can’t work out what is wrong, you can always bring us a sample of your water, and for a small fee we can test the water for you to see if there are any underlying problems.

When buying any live animal from us we always ensure you are going straight home and have everything they need as we think the less travelling for the animal the less stress for them before they are welcomed into their new home with you.

For latest stock enquiries please contact the shop on 01295 250131 as our stock is always changing.  Please also contact us if you have anything specific you would like us to see if we could order in for as we can get other small animals and bird breeds which we do not ordinarily stock.